Licensed Engineer

A currently licensed professional engineer originally earned his license 31 years ago. His employer asks the engineer to analyze and evaluate a newly created structural plans for a public bridge. The project requirements state a currently licensed engineer must evaluate the system. Under which of the following conditions can the engineer accept the assignment?
  1. The engineer regularly attends meetings for a professional engineering society as a board member.
  2. The engineer took a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) course in college.
  3. The engineer supervises two new grad hires who have passed the FE exam.
  4. The engineer is competent in structural design and engineering.

Which option demonstrates adequate qualifications for the specific skillsets the project requires?
Referring to the Rules of Professional Conduct, Section B.1 states that licensees may undertake assignments only in the fields in which they are qualified by education or experience. Out of the options, (4.) is the only one to indicate adequate qualifications for the specific skillsets the project requires.