Centripetal Force

Consider a car is traveling 30 m/s on a road with lots of pot holes, and sharply turns to narrowly miss one. If the vehicle’s path is a 150 m curve radius and the force produced by its tires is 1,000 N, what is the car’s weight?

Centripetal acceleration:
where $$v$$ is the velocity, and $$r$$ is the radius.
Hint 2
$$$Force=mass\times acceleration$$$
Any motion on a curved path has accelerated motion:
where $$a$$ is centripetal acceleration, $$v$$ is the velocity, and $$r$$ is the radius. To stay on the curved path, a force directed towards the curvature’s center is required, and is called centripetal force:
where $$m$$ is the mass and $$a$$ is the acceleration. Therefore,
Solving for mass:
$$$m=\frac{1,000N(150m)}{900m^2/s^2}=\frac{(1,000kg\cdot m)(150m)}{(s^2)(900m^2/s^2)}=167\:kg$$$
167 kg