ASME Y14.5 Symbols

Label the associated term for the shown ASME Y14.5 symbols.

Recall the symbols you may have seen in a feature control frame.
Hint 2
A lot of these self-explanatory symbols are commonly found next to dimensions on drawings.
MMC modifier is the condition in which a feature of size contains the maximum amount of material within the stated limits of size. LMC modifier describes a size condition in which the least amount of material exists within its dimensional tolerance. The projected tolerance zone modifier applies to a feature’s protrusion. It usually limits how far a pin or dowel can stick out of a body in an assembly drawing. The tangent plane modifier creates a boundary plane against only the high points of a surface, rather than every point along that surface. The symbols used to indicate diameter, radius, and controlled radius shall precede the value of a dimension or tolerance given as a diameter or radius, as applicable. Dimensions enclosed by parentheses are reference dimensions. They are added to some views for clarity, but the requirement(s) is driven/called out elsewhere on the drawing.