Engineering Prep Problems

# Name Subject Difficulty
001 Find the Heat Transfer and Flux Heat Transfer Medium
002 Piston Basics Thermo Medium
003 Is Air or Water Cooling Better? Heat Transfer Medium
004 Stress and Strain Materials Science Hard
005 A Piston Problem Twist Thermo Hard
006 How does CPU Cooling Work? Heat Transfer Easy
007 Aluminum Alloy Graphs Materials Science Interview Medium
008 Low Pass Filters Controls Hard
009 Differential Equations & Filters Circuits Medium
010 Electric Vehicle Basics Electrical & Computer Engineering Medium
011 Car Lifts Fluids Medium
012 Voltage across a Capacitor Circuits Hard
013 Radioactive Waste Heat Transfer Hard
014 Swimming Pool Pressure Fluids Easy
015 A Quick Brain Teaser Interview Easy
016 Another Brain Teaser Interview Easy
017 Exploring the Mariana Trench Interview Medium
018 A Pebble on a Mountain Dynamics Medium
019 A Car Floating on Water Physics Medium
020 Blinding (Sun)Light Physics Easy
021 Optimizing for Drag Fluids Medium
022 Biot and Nusselt Heat Transfer Easy
023 Fins Heat Transfer Easy
024 Motion Sensors to Reduce Costs Thermo Medium
025 Towing a Car Thermo Hard
026 Thread Interchangeability Interview Hard
027 Corrosion Resistance Interview Medium
028 Installing AC Units Thermo Medium
029 Dicey Probability Prob & Stats Easy
030 Newton's 2nd Law Dynamics Easy
031 Friction on a Ramp Statics Dynamics Medium
032 Viscosity Variations Fluids Easy
033 Archimedes' Principle Fluids Easy
034 A Robotic Arm Dynamics Medium
035 Material Testing Materials Science Medium
036 A Traffic Flow Problem Physics Easy
037 Motorcycle's Velocity Dynamics Easy
038 A Car Crash Dynamics Medium
039 2D Drawing Views Interview Easy
040 Integrals Math Easy
041 Material Hardness Materials Science
042 Drawing Views Interview Medium
043 A Calc Question Math Easy
044 Definite Integrals Math Easy
045 A Steam Pipe Heat Transfer Medium
046 Electrical Heater Rod Heat Transfer Easy
047 Stop at the Sign Fluids Statics Hard
048 Derivative Math Medium
049 Cross Products Math Medium
050 Unit Vectors Math Medium
051 2nd Derivatives Math Medium
052 Vector Magnitudes Statics Easy
053 GD&T Interview Mechanical Engineering Medium
054 Force Vectors Statics Easy
055 Free Body Diagram Statics Easy
056 Tangential Stress Materials Science Easy
057 Interpreting a Dataset Prob & Stats Medium
058 Torsion on a Circular Rod Mechanics of Materials Easy
059 Corrosion Resistance Plating Interview Easy
060 Clean Rooms Interview Easy
061 Insurance Analysis Economics Medium
062 Cooling a CPU Heat Transfer Easy
063 Is Automation the Answer? Economics Easy
064 Monthly Payments Economics
065 Metal Hardness Materials Science
066 Powering a Motor Electrical & Computer Engineering Medium
067 Completion Costs Interview Economics
068 Timing a Crosswalk Math Interview
069 A Capacitor's Voltage Circuits
070 In-plane Shear Stress Mechanics of Materials Easy
071 A Piston's Cross Section Materials Science
072 Tolerance Analysis Interview Mechanical Engineering Hard
073 Moment & Deflection Diagrams Mechanics of Materials
074 Dynamic Viscosity Fluids Medium
075 Board Games Prob & Stats Easy
076 Stress vs Strain Curves Materials Science
077 Area Under a Curve Math Medium
078 Derivatives Math Medium
079 Flow Rate Civil Easy
080 OP Amp Circuits Interview
081 Thermocouples Interview Circuits
082 Impedance Interview Circuits
083 Inductance Interview Circuits
084 Specific Gravity Fluids Interview Easy
085 Load Cells Interview
086 Euler's Formula Mechanics of Materials Medium
087 Water Tank Fluids Easy
088 Constant Acceleration Dynamics Easy
089 Thermocouple Tradeoffs Interview Circuits
090 Sound Pressure vs Power Interview
091 Motion Measurements Interview
092 MMC vs LMC Interview Mechanical Engineering Easy
093 Convection and Velocity Interview Heat Transfer
094 Heat Transfer Modes Heat Transfer
095 For and While Loops Interview Controls
096 Heat Flux Interview Thermo
097 Natural Frequency Interview Vibrations
098 RC Circuit Interview Controls
099 Kirchhoff's Laws Interview Circuits
100 Passive Filters Interview Controls
101 Ohm's Law Interview Circuits
102 LVDT Interview Circuits
103 Sphere Equation Math Easy
104 VAR Code Electrical & Computer Engineering Easy
105 Increasing Accuracy Interview Math
106 PE Responsibilities Ethics & Professional Practice
107 Population Standard Deviation Prob & Stats Medium
108 Payback Economics
109 Licensed Engineers Ethics & Professional Practice
110 Motor Shaft RPM Electrical & Computer Engineering Easy
111 Datasets Economics
112 Fastener Torques Interview Mechanics of Materials
113 Find Impedance Circuits
114 Obstacle Course Math
115 Intellectual Property Ethics & Professional Practice
116 Power Electrical & Computer Engineering Easy
117 Housing Down Payment Economics Easy
118 Power Factor Electrical & Computer Engineering
119 Trapezoidal Rule Math
120 Licensed Engineer Ethics & Professional Practice
121 Resistance Electrical & Computer Engineering Medium
122 Roller Coasters Dynamics Easy
123 Matrix Determinant Math Easy
124 Gear Movement Interview Medium
125 Rolling Dice Prob & Stats Easy
126 Integration Math
127 Quadratic Equation Math Medium
128 Straight Line Equation Math Medium
129 General Forms Math Easy
130 Pen Arrangements Interview
131 Two Lines Math Easy
132 Sample Standard Deviation Prob & Stats Easy
133 Permutations Prob & Stats Medium
134 Hot Pot Electrical & Computer Engineering Easy
135 Helical Spring Mechanical Engineering Medium
136 Endurance Limit Materials Science
137 Brake Power Mechanical Engineering Medium
138 Electrical Signals Interview Circuits
139 Shannon Sampling Theorem Interview Controls
140 Conservation of Energy Dynamics Easy
141 Tensile Strength for Springs Mechanical Engineering Easy
142 Saving for the Future Economics Easy
143 Straight Line Depreciation Economics Easy
144 Interest Economics Easy
145 Force Characteristics Physics
146 Break-Even Economics
147 Fulcrum Force Statics
148 Shear & Moment Diagrams Mechanics of Materials
149 Steady-State Error Controls
150 Brayton Cycle Thermo
151 Power Units Units and Conversion Factors
152 Brayton Cycle Again Thermo
153 Resistance Units Units and Conversion Factors
154 1st Law of Thermodynamics Interview Thermo
155 2nd Law of Thermodynamics Interview Thermo
156 3rd Law of Thermodynamics Interview Thermo
157 0th Law of Thermodynamics Interview Thermo
158 A Train's Velocity Dynamics Math Easy
159 Encoders Interview
160 Backlash Interview
161 Slew Rate Interview Controls
162 Capacitance Units Units and Conversion Factors Medium
163 Pressure Units Units and Conversion Factors Easy
164 Pulleys Statics Easy
165 Velocity Plots Dynamics Easy
166 Water Barrels Dynamics Easy
167 Material Crack Materials Science Easy
168 Cantilevered Beam Mechanics of Materials Easy
169 Thermal Deformation Mechanics of Materials Easy
170 Principal Stress Mechanics of Materials Medium
171 Thick Walled Vessel Materials Science Easy
172 Tensile Test Materials Science Medium
173 Truss Mechanics of Materials Medium
174 Elongation Mechanics of Materials Easy
175 Reynolds Number Fluids Interview Easy
176 Gears Interview Easy
177 Angular Velocity Interview Physics Easy
178 Fluid Velocity Fluids Easy
179 PVT Behavior of an Ideal Gas Thermo Easy
180 Cold Working Materials Science Interview Easy
181 Resistors in Parallel Electrical & Computer Engineering Easy
182 Pump Power Fluids Easy
183 Specific Weight Thermo Easy
184 Current Flow Circuits Easy
185 Resistors in Series Electrical & Computer Engineering Easy
186 Crypto Miner Thermo Easy
187 Adiabatic Process Thermo Easy
188 Impulse, Momentum, Accel Interview Physics Medium
189 Helical vs Key-Locking Inserts Interview Medium
190 Velocity-Time Graph Interview Physics Medium
191 Construction Crane Statics Easy
192 Specific Heat Heat Transfer Easy
193 Tensional Force Statics Medium
194 Resultant Force Statics Medium
195 On a Balcony Statics Easy
196 Moment of Inertia Statics Medium
197 Beam Distributed Load Statics Medium
198 Lever Arm Statics Easy
199 Affinity Law Fluids Easy
200 Critical Crack Length Materials Science Easy
201 Impact Dynamics Medium
202 Uniaxial Loading Materials Science Easy
203 Heat Transfer Rate Heat Transfer Easy
204 Control System Model Controls Easy
205 Compression Spring Mechanical Engineering Easy
206 Spring Force Mechanical Engineering Medium
207 Euler's Formula for Columns Mechanics of Materials Easy
208 Crimp Connector Materials Science Easy
209 A Permutation Prob & Stats Easy
210 Rolling Down a Hill Physics Interview Easy
211 Rolling Down a Hill Again Physics Interview Medium
212 Heat Transferring Heat Transfer Easy
213 Centrifugal Fan Fluids Medium
214 Steam Engine Piston Mechanics of Materials Medium
215 Positional Tolerance Interview Mechanical Engineering Medium
216 Pendulum Dynamics Medium
217 Acceleration Graph Dynamics Easy
218 Skidding Dynamics Medium
219 Wrecking Ball Hoist Statics Easy
220 Moving Boxes Dynamics Medium
221 Cart on a Ramp Dynamics Medium
222 Sliding Down a Ramp Statics Dynamics Medium
223 Bending Tensile Stress Mechanics of Materials Easy
224 Two-Phase Systems Thermo Medium
225 Boiler Pump Thermo Easy
226 Two Black Surfaces Heat Transfer Easy
227 Lumped Capacitance Model Heat Transfer Easy
228 Beam Centroid Statics Easy
229 Parallel Axis Statics Medium
230 Cross Bar Mechanics of Materials Medium
231 Subway Hand Rail Mechanics of Materials Materials Science Medium
232 Phase Diagram Materials Science Easy
233 Eutectic Composition Materials Science Easy
234 Oil Bath Quenching Materials Science Easy
235 Kinematic Viscosity Fluids Easy
236 Plane Truss Statics Medium
237 Simple Truss Statics Easy
238 Water Barrel Collision Dynamics Medium
239 Angular Acceleration Dynamics Medium
240 Torsion Mechanics of Materials Easy
241 Torque Torsion Mechanics of Materials Easy
242 Statically Indeterminate Mechanics of Materials Medium
243 Water Gate Fluids Medium
244 Jet Velocity Fluids Easy
245 Garden Hose Fluids Easy
246 Permutation Prob & Stats Easy
247 Mach Number Fluids Easy
248 Fluid Flow Fluids Easy
249 Refrigeration Cycle Thermo Easy
250 Rankine Cycle Thermo Medium
251 Matrix Math Easy
252 Larger Determinant Math Medium
253 Ideal Gas Thermo Easy
254 Turbine Power Thermo Easy
255 Heat Transfer Heat Transfer Easy
256 4x4 Matrix Math Hard
257 Nozzle Count Thermo Medium
258 Dew Point Thermo Easy
259 P-h Diagram Thermo Easy
260 Thermal Resistance Heat Transfer Hard
261 Combustion Processes Thermo Easy
262 Steam Tables Thermo Easy
263 Heat Exchanger Heat Transfer Medium
264 Counter-flow Heat Exchanger Heat Transfer Easy
265 Mechanical Springs Mechanical Engineering Easy
266 Thin Wall Cylinder Mechanics of Materials Easy
267 Vertically Cantilevered Mechanics of Materials Easy
268 Installing a Bearing Mechanics of Materials Mechanical Engineering Medium
269 Transient Conduction Heat Transfer Easy
270 Resistance Temperature Detector Controls Easy
271 Temperature Probe Controls Medium
272 Uncertainty Controls Prob & Stats Medium
273 Block Diagram Reduction Controls Medium
274 Max Shear Stress Theory Mechanical Engineering Easy
275 Unpressurized Vessel Mechanics of Materials Medium
276 Reliability Study Industrial & Systems Medium
277 Matrix Transpose Math Easy
278 Matrix Inverse Math Medium
279 Matrix Multiplication Math Medium
280 Joint Shear Stress Mechanical Engineering Easy
281 Coin Toss Prob & Stats Medium
282 Conic Shapes Math Easy
283 Eccentricity Math Easy
284 Hyperbola Math Easy
285 Internet Cable Heat Transfer Medium
286 Fighter Jet Fluids Hard
287 Kinetic Energy Dynamics Medium
288 New Volume Thermo Easy
289 Find y Math Easy
290 Team Organization Prob & Stats Easy
291 Heating Element Circuits Easy
292 RTD Element Controls Easy
293 Pushing a Boulder Dynamics Easy
294 Centroid Area Statics Easy
295 Planetary Gear Mechanical Engineering Easy
296 Roller Bearing Mechanical Engineering Easy
297 Pressurized Pump Power Fluids Medium
298 Carnot Cycle Thermo Medium
299 Ball Bearing Mechanical Engineering Easy
300 Water Velocity Fluids Medium
301 Brick Wall Heat Transfer Easy
302 Synchronous Speed Electrical & Computer Engineering Easy
303 Standard Deviation Prob & Stats Medium
304 Vertical Force Statics Medium
305 Interest Rate Table Economics Easy
306 Dot Product Math Easy
307 Relative Humidity Thermo Easy
308 Definite Integral Math Medium
309 Strain Mechanics of Materials Easy
310 Simply Supported Statics Easy
311 Water Tower Fluids Easy
312 The Derivative Math Easy
313 Projectile Motion Dynamics Easy
314 Hoop Stress Mechanics of Materials Easy
315 Composite Material Materials Science Medium
316 Jet Ski Dynamics Medium
317 Utility Pole Mechanics of Materials Easy
318 Dice Rolling Prob & Stats Easy
319 Composite Strain Materials Science Medium
320 Soil Sample Civil Easy
321 Traveling Train Dynamics Medium
322 Aircraft Carrier Dynamics Easy
323 Pump Work Fluids Easy
324 Simple Interest Economics Easy
325 Pebble Off a Building Dynamics Hard
326 Centripetal Force Physics Easy
327 Banked Curve Physics Easy
328 Muzzle Velocity Physics Medium
329 Gibbs Phase Rule Thermo Easy
330 Figure Skating Dynamics Interview Medium
331 Mass Moment of Inertia Dynamics Medium
332 Bulk Modulus of Elasticity Mechanics of Materials Easy
333 Moment of a Force Statics Medium
334 Mass Moments Dynamics Medium
335 Spring Stretch Mechanical Engineering Medium
336 Brinell Hardness Materials Science Easy
337 Power Screw Mechanical Engineering Easy
338 Plain Carbon Steel Materials Science Easy
339 Compressing a Spring Mechanical Engineering Easy
340 Zero Eccentricity Math Easy
341 Parallel Springs Mechanical Engineering Medium
342 Inflection Point Math Medium
343 Springs in Series Mechanical Engineering Medium
344 Polar Form Math Medium
345 Binomial Product Math Hard
346 Law of Cosines Math Easy
347 Bolt Diameter Mechanical Engineering Easy
348 Centrifugal Pump Fluids Hard
349 Compressibility Modulus Mechanics of Materials Materials Science Easy
350 Poisson’s Ratio Mechanics of Materials Medium
351 Absolute vs Gauge Pressure Fluids Easy
352 Pressure Difference Fluids Easy
353 Inflections Math Medium
354 Yield vs Ultimate Strength Materials Science Interview Medium
355 Multi Roots Math Hard
356 Mass vs Weight Physics Interview Easy
357 Ticket to Mars Physics Interview Easy
358 Brittle vs Ductile vs Plastic Materials Science Mechanics of Materials Medium
359 Axis Theorem Statics Medium
360 Confidence Interval Prob & Stats Medium
361 Pinball Machine Dynamics Medium
362 Terminal Velocity Fluids Medium
363 Drag Force Fluids Easy
364 Road Rash Dynamics Medium
365 Beam AB Statics Easy
366 Pump Efficiency Fluids Medium
367 Superposition Mechanics of Materials Medium
368 Elevated Storage Tank Fluids Civil Medium
369 A Beam Statics Easy
370 Pseudocode Electrical & Computer Engineering Medium
371 Spring Compression Mechanical Engineering Easy
372 Binary Phase Diagram Materials Science Easy
373 Angle of Refraction Physics Easy
374 Test Specimen Mechanics of Materials Medium
375 Code Electrical & Computer Engineering Medium
376 Pressure Cylinder Mechanics of Materials Medium
377 Investment Growth Economics Easy
378 Snell’s Law Physics Medium
379 Complex Code Electrical & Computer Engineering Medium
380 Reaction Point Statics Easy
381 Series of Springs Mechanical Engineering Medium
382 Belt Friction Statics Easy
383 Roots Math Medium
384 Springs in Parallel Mechanical Engineering Easy
385 Pulley + Belt Statics Easy
386 Compounding Springs Mechanical Engineering Hard
387 Spring Tensile Strength Mechanical Engineering Easy
388 Torsional Stress Mechanical Engineering Medium
389 Triple Permutation Prob & Stats Medium
390 Cosines Math Easy
391 Combination Prob & Stats Medium
392 Chrome Silicon Wire Mechanical Engineering Medium
393 Law of Sines Math Easy
394 Acceleration Dynamics Math Medium
395 Slope Intercept Math Easy
396 Point-slope Math Easy
397 Induction Motor Electrical & Computer Engineering Easy
398 MMC & LMC Interview Mechanical Engineering Medium
399 Steel Cables Mechanics of Materials Easy
400 Lumped Capacitance Heat Transfer Easy
401 Motor Slip Electrical & Computer Engineering Easy
402 GTOL Interview Mechanical Engineering Easy
403 Train Tracks Mechanics of Materials Materials Science Medium
404 Feature Control Frame Interview Mechanical Engineering Medium
405 Motor Poles Electrical & Computer Engineering Easy
406 Pulley & Belt Statics Easy
407 Composite Modulus Materials Science Medium
408 Triple Integrals Math Hard
409 GDT Symbols Mechanical Engineering Medium
410 Column Mechanics of Materials Easy
411 GDT Rule #1 Mechanical Engineering Easy
412 Hill Bomb Dynamics Math Medium
413 A Column Mechanics of Materials Easy
414 GTOL Rule #1 Mechanical Engineering Easy
415 Geometric Symbols Mechanical Engineering Medium
416 Trip Integral Math Hard
417 ASME Y14.5 Symbols Mechanical Engineering Medium
418 Buckling Stress Mechanics of Materials Easy
419 Dot Prod Math Easy
420 Drag Coefficient Fluids Easy
421 RFS Boundaries Mechanical Engineering Interview Hard
422 LMC Boundaries Mechanical Engineering Interview Hard
423 MMC Boundaries Mechanical Engineering Interview Hard
424 Vector Dot Product Math Medium
425 A Hole’s Virtual Size Mechanical Engineering Interview Hard
426 A Pin’s Virtual Size Mechanical Engineering Interview Hard
427 MMC Hole’s Virtual Size Mechanical Engineering Interview Hard
428 MMC Pin’s Virtual Size Mechanical Engineering Interview Hard
429 Aerodynamic Drag Fluids Easy
430 A Curve’s Area Math Medium
431 Discharging Orifice Fluids Easy
432 Sphere’s Equation Math Easy
433 Distance in 3D Space Math Easy
434 Logarithm Math Easy
435 Time to Drain Fluids Easy
436 Reynolds Number Drag Fluids Medium
437 Distance in 2D Space Math Easy
438 Accept or Reject? Mechanical Engineering Interview Hard
439 Toaster Oven Resistor Electrical & Computer Engineering Easy
440 Rotational Speed Mechanical Engineering Medium
441 Depreciation Economics Easy
442 Re Drag Fluids Medium
443 Drainage Time Fluids Easy
444 Electron Motion Dynamics Easy
445 Fracture Toughness Materials Science Easy
446 Viscous Density Fluids Easy
447 3x3 Matrix Math Medium
448 Ellipse Math Easy
449 Tire Swing Statics Medium
450 Estimating Hardness Materials Science Easy
451 Poisson Mechanics of Materials Easy
452 Test Coupon Mechanics of Materials Medium
453 Shear Stress & Strain Mechanics of Materials Medium
454 Heat Pump Thermo Medium
455 Fracture Stress Materials Science Easy
456 Free Length Spring Mechanical Engineering Medium
457 Heat Pump COP Thermo Easy
458 Rivet Strength Mechanical Engineering Easy
459 Submerged Orifice Fluids Easy
460 Shear Modulus Mechanics of Materials Easy
461 Log Math Easy
462 Basketball Hoop Fluids Medium
463 Newtonian Fluid Fluids Medium
464 Submerged Tank Fluids Easy
465 Base Log Math Easy
466 Pipe Flow Types Fluids Easy
467 Bulk vs Shear Modulus Mechanics of Materials Medium
468 Ln Base Math Easy
469 Flow Characterization Fluids Medium
470 Natural Log Math Easy
471 Greater Eccentricity Math Easy
472 Water Slope Fluids Medium
473 Flow Type Fluids Easy
474 Affinity Fluids Easy
475 Brake Force Mechanical Engineering Easy
476 Degrees of Freedom Thermo Easy
477 Scaling Law Fluids Easy
478 Spring Stretching Mechanical Engineering Easy
479 Piston Loading Mechanics of Materials Medium
480 Threaded Fastener Load Mechanical Engineering Easy
481 Max Tension Load Mechanical Engineering Medium
482 Ln Simplify Math Medium
483 Fatigue Loading Mechanical Engineering Easy
484 Correction Factor Mechanical Engineering Easy
485 Mean Stress Mechanical Engineering Medium
486 Bending Stress Mechanical Engineering Medium
487 G-Force Dynamics Medium
488 Block Speed Dynamics Easy
489 Ramp Sliding Statics Dynamics Medium
490 Total Resistance Electrical & Computer Engineering Easy
491 Doppler Effect Physics Medium
492 Frequency Units Electrical & Computer Engineering Units and Conversion Factors Easy
493 Heat Transfer Coefficient Heat Transfer Easy
494 Shear vs Tensile Strength Interview Easy
495 Yield and Ultimate Strength Materials Science Easy
496 RTD Controls Easy
497 Change in Temp Heat Transfer Easy
498 Torque Tolerance Interview Easy
499 Torque Units Units and Conversion Factors Electrical & Computer Engineering Statics Easy
500 Mechanical Power Electrical & Computer Engineering Medium
501 Sync Speed Electrical & Computer Engineering Easy
502 Machine Efficiency Electrical & Computer Engineering Medium
503 Determinant Matrix Math Easy
504 3x3 Determinant Math Medium
505 Input Power Electrical & Computer Engineering Medium
506 Exchanging of Heat Heat Transfer Easy
507 Transpose Matrix Math Easy
508 Generator Efficiency Electrical & Computer Engineering Medium
509 Transpose Size Math Easy
510 Current Electrical & Computer Engineering Easy
511 Inverse Matrix Math Medium
512 Voltage Electrical & Computer Engineering Easy
513 Nozzles Thermo Medium
514 A Pump’s Efficiency Fluids Easy
515 Initial Velocity Dynamics Easy
516 Power Screw Torque Mechanical Engineering Easy
517 Straight Line Math Medium
518 Matrix Multiply Math Medium
519 Parallel Line Math Easy
520 Power Screw Load Mechanical Engineering Easy
521 Custom PC Electrical & Computer Engineering Easy